It Just Keeps Getting Worse!

Hi I'm actually 12 years old and I have a bad mean dad. When I was 10 my dad hit my mom...we left but came back! Then he hit her again and started yelling at her! I stood up to him and told him not to hit her and he yelled at thing u know I have a scar in my eye.

I told my mom to leave him but she said she is but I don't believe her.Me and my sister can't go anywhere without his permission and if he says yes (which is rarely) we have to go together! He yells at us very loud and mean and calls us stupid! We hardly go out since he gets mad if we do!

My sister cries a lot and I HATE that! We can't go to birthday parties or holidays!

One time my dad hit my mom and my mom said to quit hitting her but he wouldn't sister told me to do something and so I did. I yelled at him to stop and he looked at me and we started fighting. My sister called our aunt and uncle(my moms side of the family) and they came. My aunt hugged me and my sister and so did my uncle. Before they came my dad got a knife threw me down and started cutting me above the eye! It left a scar like straight down my eye! My mom tried to do something but he just kicked her and she fell to the floor.

I also have this teacher which is a good dad and has 2 kids.those 2 kids are lucky because he smiles and plays games with them and my uncle does the same thing! I always get sad when I see a good dad. I wish I had a good dad that smiles with me.

My mom said she's leaving my dad in February and I hope she's not lying!

My dad also tells me im not manly enough and in sad moments he doesn't cry!

What makes me smile is my moms family and anime especially Fairy Tail since their a family!

Crying in the saddest moments..isn't that being a real man?!?

It doesn't matter how strong the guy is what matters is standing up to him!
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Hello, I get what you're going through, my dad was like that too. It's a constant powerplay, because your dad doesn't know how to deal with his own emotions. Have you asked your dad about his childhood? There might be something there to put things into perspective. He should really get some help. Of course your first concern should be your own safety, did your parents split up? I read your story and thought this could be something I wrote down when I was your age. My parents split up twice, I don't think they'll get back together again. It's not strange your parents got back together after all the physical and emotional abuse, it happens more often then you think. Hang in there, work your way up through education, make yourself, your mom and sister proud. Crying isn't a sign of weakness, it shows that you're not affraid to show emotion, which your dad actually can't do. And you have courage, to step in like that, and get cut to distract your dad from your mom. I got a concussion once for stepping in between my parents. A real man is one that's not affraid to step up when it's needed and not affraid to show how he feels. Don't doubt yourself because of how your dad is treating you. He has issues. I'm not saying this to defend him, it's just none of your fault he's acting like this and you shouldn't be the one facing the consequences for that matter. Hang in there :) Things will get better!

Hi. I don't have anything to relate to, so there's no reason for you to even listen to me. Actually, this is probably going to sound pretty weak and stupid, but oh well. Let's just call this a message of motivation. Yes, your life sounds pretty crap and there's nothing I can do to change that. I hope you've finally moved FAR away from that pretty pathetic excuse for a father, but, if you haven't, I give you all of my good will and support. Try not to be afraid of him, though I wouldn't exactly advise taking him head on. Don't let Natsu put any weird ideas in your head. I mean, you're not a dragon slayer (despite how awesome that would be and how much we all want to be one *cries because the truth hurts*). Anyway, just remember this. Even though we've never met and probably never will meet, remember that everyone here is rooting for you. We've all heard your story, we feel for you and we all want things to become better for you. Take all our feelings and make them your strength! Use our support to stay strong! Never give up because, no matter how far away you are from everyone else, you're still connected through hope! Save the tears for when you win, because you WILL succeed.

Also, remember to do a good job protecting your little sister. People become stronger when they have something to protect, so I'm sure you'll be fine. But also keep in mind that, as Happy once said, "if at first you don't succeed, destroy all the evidence that you tried!" haha, just kidding. You won't fail. It might take a while, but, in the end, you'll make it through. I promise. If things don't work out, I'll eat an entire pile of onions! And I hate onions, so you'd better do things good! Use every moral you've ever learnt from anime to help you stay strong, and anime has A LOT of morals, so that should keep you occupied! XD

Anyway, that's all I have to say. This probably didn't do much and, if everything's already been sorted out, this message is useless. But, even if it is, stay strong. Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you. Also, I just want to point out that I went through the trouble of making an entire flippin' account for this one message, so it'd better have done you some good! >3< if it hasn't...I'll stop watching Fairy Tail! No I won't, that'd kill me....just make sure you get inspired or something! But don't sprout wings and stuff, that'd just be creepy :/

Bye! Have fun with life and I wish you the best of luck! I hope your dad changes and becomes a better person, too. Keep looking for happiness and never forget your friends. :) Say┼Źnara!

Wow im sorry your life is so bad. Im 12 too and my dad lives with me and hasnt spoken to me in 70 days. I wont go into detail but he's a jerk. You are doing the right thing. Try to convince your mom to leave as soon as possible until then be with your sister. Not just for her but for you too. Being with someone you love can help more than you know. Try to steer clear of your dad until you leave just try to listen to him so he wont cause your family more pain. When all of you leave make it low profile or if you need to be public bring in alot of people or if you're willing the police. You can do it, just hang in there a little longer and when you feel like you cant do it for you do i for your mom and sister. Think of happier times to keep you going. Best of luck my heart goes out to you.

Your situation is awful but if he's cutting your eye up he needs to go to the police! That's not acceptable to be treated like that. You need to tell your Mom to wake up and get you guys the hell out of there before he ends up doing something worse. I know it's difficult, i can't hardly advise you too much because i'm not there with you but i hope it goes alright, best wishes.