My Father Is Crazy

He's fought me, my brother, my sister and dragged my mother through our house. I'm tired of getting up to leave and sleep in the car in the middle of the night until he calms down. I'm getting older, and I know I have daddy issues but I'm not sure which one. My sister has the daddy issues that turned her gay because she can't bring herself to like men, my cousin has the daddy issues that make her go out trying to date every guy hoping he can replace her father figure but I think I'm kinda leaning towards, I may not want a man in my life at all but then sometimes I get lonely and wish I had someone to understand and just listen and love me. I've never felt really loved because my fathers crazy and my mom put up an emotional wall. Saying I love you is awkward and when I try to express my feelings, their brushed off. I'm so tired of my life...
Aquamarine221 Aquamarine221
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

yes a bad dad can leave you scarred, I'm sorry to hear about your experiences, even though your feelings get brushed off, keep expressing them because that's who you are...I hope that you have a happy life from now on

Thank you :D

Be true to yourself. We all want somebody to love and love us. Don't rush into somebody's arms to get that love. Better to wait and find it than end up in another abusive relationship. Even the best relationships have difficulties because it's not always an easy world to live in. There are good men and there are good women out there. The good thing is you're sharing your feelings. Good luck and lots of love.

Thank you, I appreciate your good wishes

It pains a bit me when I hear about things like that...I do really hope you are happy from now on

I've experienced all that, too. But then I fell for a man. I don't need my father anymore, nor my mother. When you find your half, the world will become a very nice and lovely place, I know that for sure.

Thank you both for the positivity and hope.