Annoying Actually

As in I have habits that may not be classified as "bad" but I'm sure are intensely annoying.

  • I interrupt people.
  • I cannot sit through commercials. Which means, that I normal switch between one or two channels constantly and quite often miss portions of the show/s I'm watching.
  • On the same note, I also constantly change radio stations/iPod songs...if it doesn't fit my mood, I'm not going to listen to it.
  • I miss calls...a lot.
  • I make food and then decide that I'm not in the mood for whatever it is I just prepared.
  • I tap my fingers when I'm thinking.
  • I talk to myself out loud...especially if I'm writing something
  • I listen to music ridiculously loud.
  • I can be a control freak...strike that, I am a control freak.
  • If I'm in a particularly giddy mood, nothing short of a tranquilizer dart will shut me up.
  • I make lists
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11 Responses Nov 25, 2008

I'm not sure of my interpretation, but I have a lot of common with you and I think I am Asperger to some degrees. I dont see it as a doom but just as the way I am, and I am more happy since I accepted I was Asperger and my difference with other were built in me and not bad habits. In fact, I am really at peace with myself like I never was before. Some of the strong indicators that you might be Aspie too, are the taping with the fingers and making of lists. But some other thing you wrote support Aspie too.

Good luck!

i do every single one of these things!

What? I could hardly read, with the music so damn loud.

Ha ha! I do all these things too!

I am absurdly delighted that I'm not the only one that does these things. =P

I do the same with commercials, cause there are very very few commercials worth watching.

I'm laughing because their all true for me too except one. Instead of changing tv channels because of commercials, I just hit the mute button. It's so much more calming.

OMG - this is me to a T! I tivo my show so I can zip through commercials - I HATE them . People hate watching TV with me -- HATE IT. My family won't watch with me anymore - especially my dad. I drive him nuts.<br />
<br />
And I constantly change the channels on the radio/satellite because I am thinking there is a better song over there, etc.

This is me all over! It's like you just plucked all that out of my head, i swear. I also sing out loud & hum on the bus without realising-this always guarantees a seat to myself, but i can't think why,lol

Seriously? Even the TV one?! Nice. =P

haha all those are the same with me bud