My Life Is Not A Fictional Story, It Just Sounds Fictional (part Three)

So, i am about 9 according to my "parents" at this time and am going into Fourth grade. Everything up to this point has been nothing but violence, screaming and yelling, my fake parents threatening to divorce every month over something stupid or another.
Any ways, I enter the fourth grade with Mrs. Meehan a new teacher at our school. She was red-haired and we all loved her very much. My new best friend was Donna and I think we became friends because we were the only tall kids in the class. i wondered if she was older too. She was very loud and very homely...and always talking about how pretty i was. it was two years later when i discovered she was gay and hadn't quite figured it out yet. But she still made a move on me.
The first day, they kept asking me if I had seen HIM yet. I thought it was a religious reference and said that my parents didn't go to church. They then coaxed me into standing and looking over at the boy's table and there he was. I sat down, said, "yeah, I guess he's cute." and went on with my eating.( I didn't like pretty men or boys. I never have. I think that between HIM and my so called father, I held a pretty dim view of them. They never seemed to be very good at anything else.)
Well, that was the beginning of the end of my life and I had no idea. Every frickin' day I had to hear about this dude and how good looking he was and how good we would look together. It was actually annoying and I didn't really feel anything. I went along and said that I thought he was cute....blah, blah, blah...but I didn't really care.
Then i started noticing he was always trying to get my attention.ALL THE TIME!On the first day of spring,I dressed up and slid in my dress shoes and scraped the crap outta my knee. It was a bloody mess and they had to use a wire brush to get the rocks out. Well, there i was sitting there in class, bleeding to death (in my mind). And my parents were certainly not going to come and get there little mean girl (which i never was). I looked up in between tears and there he was acting like Prince Charming down on one knee. He was quite teared up and looking at me like he wanted to help me take the pain away. Later...for the rest of the teased me about how he looked like He was going to propose...I laughed but it was embarrassing. In time, I came to think of him as a cute, sweet little boy. He wasn't very bright though. But he seemed to always get good grades.It was a long time before i realized he was being groomed and that the teacher was giving him special treatment. This was not the first time that i had heard of this. He was always picked A's ...was the quarterback, but he was being pushed out front and used as an example.. And he was not that smart. I saw the struggling he had with stuff. He was not that athletic. But he looked the part. and he was older too. His parents held him back a year so he would be the alpha male. And he was.But he grew into a psychotic, perverted, ego-maniacal and evil person... and that was by the next year. (More to come)
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Gosh,Joyba my friend, Your life was so full of violence and suffering that you survived emotionally.That is really a shame that you, such a nice person had to go through such anger,violence and hatred by being forced to live with your false parents. You are way too good a person to have to live such unhappy life as you did.