My Life Is Not A Fictional Story, And Eric Is A Four Letter Word...(part four)

I might as well say the name of the pervert that ruined my life. Eric. Seems like someone that pillages and rapes, right? Well, you would be correct in this case...I don't want to go into too much i will list them chronologically. He yelled at me for hitting my dog, when i hadn't. He and his friends attacked me and my friend with tomatoes and rocks until we were bleeding and bruised. He told his friends and two African American girls that i hated black people. I couldn't tell them i was a quarter black because my parents would have killed me.... literally. I got harassed and attacked by students and even molested by the gym teacher, because of this lie.
One of my friends started calling him to try to get us together even though i didn't like him and to get him to stop harassing me,so he started telling people that i was calling him . I told him when he asked me to go with him for the gazillionth time that one of the reasons i wouldn't go with him was because of what he did to Marcia and Linda...not to mention the girls that were stupid enough to go into his basement with him that i didn't' know. He just laughed and laughed and admitted to the rumors being true. Bleck! He said that if i didn't he would break me and Danny up. Well, i wasn't too hot on Danny at the time because he took his next door neighbors side against me over a bad call over softball...childish! So when Danny came home from basketball camp...he wasn't speaking to me because Eric told him i was calling him. I tried to explain, but he wouldn't listen.
By the time school started up again, Danny realized the truth, but i didn't care...and Eric was going with the head cheerleader...who I told him he should go with...(he called her on the phone and she said yes without meeting him ...what a ho)...She was real homely too...all of our cheerleaders were. According to the underground paper...we had the ugliest cheerleaders and drill team in the entire tri-state area. They were as mean as the girls you see on the tv and in movies.
Then at the Christmas dance for 7 th grade, he kept punching me and hitting me everytime i got anywhere near him. i started to cry when i saw blood and went at him. His crazy A father grabbed me and twisted my arm and threatened to have me expelled "or worse". I went home crying and my parents said something flippant to me and that was that. The adults are supposed to be at these things to chaperon...not attack students...but they knew i had no one to help me...their psycho son had been whittling away at my reputation for years. And they new i had no real family, because as i found out the following year....THEY WERE MY COUSINS! MY REAL FLESH AND BLOOD COUSINS! (MORE TO COME)
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This Eric guy sounds like a jerk and a creep as well as a bully. He is not right for anybody.Your parents seem like they should be on your side and the guy's father seems like a jerk too for twisting your arm. I feel for you and believe you deserve much better. I wish you could have had someone on your side