Don'T Ask Me

Give me a map and it might as well be a handbook on major surgery because it's all double dutch too me I could easily get lost in a cardboard box. It's a gift and I am especially gifted at getting other people lost people find it unbelievable how I manage it. I really excel myself at giving directions as people explain to me were they want to go I instantly know the way but when it comes to explaining the directions to them I always end up sending them in the completely opposite direction but no matter most people that do ask me the way are tourists and they like exploring so no harm done lol
gelroller gelroller
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2 Responses Apr 3, 2013

ha ha... gelroller it's not just you! I also have a terrible sense of direction...I'm absolutely hopeless at finding places and like you I get lost all the time... So don't ask me either!!

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LOL! This is a very rare gift :D Seriously, maps are just as bad as sewing patterns. I could easily make a skirt with two sleeves from one, so I know what you mean. And then it is one thing to get to a place, and quite another to explain to someone how to do that. But maybe it is not you. Many people seem to find it hard to memorize directions (me included), "turn right, then turn left, then turn right again". I always nod with a smile, then ask another person XD

No trust me it's me lol I have even got lost going shopping

Have you ever gotten lost in your own home, lol?

Years ago I lived in a big house over 40 rooms and yeah I did once lol