Everyone Has a Bad Side, Or Do They

i am mainly a rational person, but sometimes i get right on my high horse and i turn into the devils daughter. I have no control over this side of me but it makes me who i am. I must empthasis that i have an equally good good side!.

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rome wasnt built in a day!..it takes time but with self awareness you can find control. its in there you just have to dig to find it. xx

you may well giggle, but its a feeling i am trying to control, when something happens i leave to boil up and when the time is right i let go my other side to my self as i was the only chid its been hard to decide what is the right way or the wrong way to equal my self out

secretad that actually made me giggle as i know exactly that feeling its a mood you get into and its troblesome...lol....its a sign of life...

where in london are you we could meet for a chat

well when my bad side comes out every body gets it some times if that happens i just want to have a fight with any one

i dont see it as throwing a tantrum i see it as being myself and keeping it real!. But i must admit sometimes after ive behaved like this i am embarrassed that i allowed myself to lose my cool.

I hate it when my "bad" side comes out. I'm much too old to be throwing tantrums. :(

all very valid points!

i am sugary sweet bad!....but then arent all sugary sweets bad for you?

;-0, then i agree with you...im nice bad not evil bad....if theres such a thing as nice bad..

oooooowwww im not a murderer i'm bad but i'm not evil.

Actually that is a truer statement than most people know. Are you aware that we have either a negative or a positive charge ...its a fact, however as i am blood type a/c its almost like an alternating current, its really not a choice for me!..<br />
check it out for yourself duffy negative and duffy positive

I think you are correct, peopleare both negative and positive.<br />
The negitive part of my self, is what I hope to change, to positive.My guideline to do this is, practing the principles of the bible.And other inspritational sources.