My Ode To Temper

My ode to temper

Temper is a word of excuse
When our cool we do loose
Blowing our top makes no sense
Peace and quiet at it’s expense
When you loose it; happens rapidly
Impossible to account for everything definitely

And when you don’t have all the facts
This just leads to pointless acts
Of anger when we should be love
Taking the lead from the divine above
Anger mashes you up inside anyways
Undoubtedly leads to darker days

Temper only lasts for a short time
A temp not a permanent line
You can cut short any arguments too
Simply by not contributing to the blue
The moment you stop talking; shows up
The main culprit and their lack of love

Because the moment we say nothing
It enables the info to be forthcoming
And once it does no need for argument
Tho in some ego’s bound to leave a dent
But no need to dwell on this
Enables you to find your inner bliss

And your DNA only regenerates
In a state of love not hate
Temper mashes you up inside
Like your first attempt at a skydive
Temper really is not a good thing
Temporary and only leads to suffering
41-45, M
Dec 14, 2012