Foot Job

i was with a cd friend and we were on the couch facing each other. she had spiked heels on and i had ballerina slippers. her leg was between mine and she pressed the heel against my anus(no panties) i smeared lube on her spiked heel and guided it into me. i held her ankle so she wouldnt do any damage. my ballet slippered feet were aganst her gurl **** and i gave her a foot job. she came on my ballet shoes and i came across her heel and ankle. i gently removed her spiked heel from my ***, then licked my *** off her shoe and foot. her ***** was all over my ballet shoes and i found that to be a turn on as well. i want to do it again.
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1 Response Jun 23, 2012

Fabulous sweetie<br />
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