I Have A Band-aid Fetish

Ever since I can remember, I've LOVED band-aids! As a child, I was always playing with them! I LOVED having band-aids all over and couldn't get enough. When I was ten, a girl in my neighbourhood started being my "patient" and would let me put band-aids on her legs, arms and face. She'd do the same to me and we'd hang out together. In our late teens, she and I became asexually involved and we HAD to be all bandaged up to do it! I've held on to this fetish since childhood and even hired girls to model bandages for me! I must have bandaged a couple hundred women by now and I've never had one that didn't get arroused by it! Whenever I see a pretty gal with a band-aids on, I just want to kiss her all better! The more bandages, the more kissing! Who knows where that might lead?
mscurad mscurad
1 Response Nov 25, 2012

cant believe there are others who enjoy this