I've Always Loved Band-aids!

My earliest memory involved having LOTS of band-aids on me after falling in a bush! Ever since then, I've been obsessed with band-aids! As a child, every time I saw another child with a band-aids on, I'd get that certain "tingly" feeling down there! That feeling was the BEST feeling in the world for me! It started making me want to rub myself down there! I started putting band-aids all over me when I was in kindergarten and even wore them to Schulz I'd have band-aids all over my legs and arms, occasionally one on my face. The other kids started calling "Cured Girl" because Cured was my favourite brand! The colour, the feeling, it was better than J&J brand. Anyway, one day we got out early and my best g/f and I walked gneiss. We'd go through a small orchard to get home and, on this day, we were talking about my band-aids. I must've had twenty or so on my legs, arms, etc. My g/f asked if I had band-aids "down there" and, actually, I DID! She asked to see so I showed her. She touched my band-aids (I only had one there) and that familiar feeling was SO intense! The rest of the way home, that's all we talked about! We went to my house, went into my room. She asked if I had more band-aids. She asked if I'd put some on her. I did, putting them on her legs and one on her cheek. She asked me to put one "down there" which I did! She also got that feeling! I told her that I had to "kiss her band-aids all better" and she let me! When I got to that ONE special band-aid, she didn't want me to stop! Then shekissed MY band-aids "all better" and paid special attention to the special one! We actually got caught by my mum! We werehalf naked, band-aids all over and my mum thought it was SO cute! My g/f and I played with band-aids ever since! It got evenbetter when we got older! Story about that to come!
mscurad mscurad
Dec 10, 2012