No More Bartholine Cyst

I got my first bartholine cyst in 2010. At first I didn't not know what was happening, was it a bruise or something? When I went in to see to doctor it had gone from the size of a pin to that of a jaw breaker and hurt like crazy. The doctor drained it, which was painful, and I had a catheter inserted to help it drain. Unfortunately the swelling came back a few months later and I went through the whole painful process again. But it kept on coming back month after month with doctors not sure of what causes it. One thing I noticed was that it seemed to occur around the time I would be getting bad allergies and allergy symptoms. About a year ago I figured out that if I stay away from and wheat and other gluten source I don't experience my allergy symptoms- headache, nausea sinus pressure, and I haven't had the bartholine cyst either. I want to stress that there was a time the swelling was comming back almost every month. And I had had the cyst drained at the doctors and a catheter placed at two separate times with no improvement on occurrence rate. After the first two doctor visit I just doing the site baths and taking pain medication. I have found avoiding gluten and processed food to work for me so far, haven't had an occurrence in almost a year hope that it might help others too.
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May 8, 2012