I Had A Bartholin Cyst On My Honeymoon!

I've read so many posts and heard so many stories of different remedies and care for this horrible horrific and painful thing we call "cyst" in the worst possible place ever. I got my first "bartholin cyst" about 5 years ago during a trip to the river while my then boyfriend and I were camping with some friends. It started out small and I had no clue what it was. As it got bigger and the pain got worse I couldnt have rushed to the doctor soon enough. To my luck I had a young cute doctor who was apparently a new doctor take one look at it and freak out. He then had to bring in another doctor come in and he told me it was a skin infection. Instead of doing the Marsupialization and cutting a slit, he poked it with a steralized needle to drain it. I felt such relief and thought that was the end. It cost me so much money not having health ins. But to my dismay I got married about 8 months later. And the 2nd night of our honeymoon this aweful thing had returned! Not as bad or infected but the fact that it came back was bad. Since then it has recurred every 8 months or so. I currently have one right now for about a week.I poked a steralized needle in it myself (which I probley shouldnt have done) nothing came out. So I've used tea tree oil with hot water and "steamed" it, taken hot sitz baths, and applyed a hot compress. I finally got it to start draining today. My husband doesn't understand the extent of this horrible cyst or the emotional pain that comes along with it. My heart goes out to all the women who are experiencing this or have been living with it for as long as I have or longer.
cosmogina22 cosmogina22
Sep 24, 2012