I'm 15 And I've Just Had A Marsupilalisation Of My 5th Bartholin's Cyst.

I'm 15 and two days ago I had my 5th Bartholin's cyst marsupialized.
I'm wondering how long the pain from the operation will last?

The first cyst I had was in April 2012, it didn't hurt so I left it alone. It went away in about a week.
Then in May it came back and it became an abscess the size of a large orange and I've never been in so much pain in my life! It was absolutely agonising! I never thought it was going to stop. I didn't tell my mum because at 14, telling your mum something like that is really hard. I didn't tell her for about a week and a half. So, it just got worse and worse. I eventually had to walk home in the middle of my maths lesson after screaming and crying in pain. I got home and explained to my mum what was wrong and she had no idea what I was going on about so she googled it. Anyway, it got bigger and bigger as the days went by. I tried hot baths, antibiotics, pain killers, and nothing helped. My mum ended up taking me to hospital the Sunday of the week I came home. The hospital misdiagnosed my raging abscess as folliculitus, which even I know are NOTHING alike. They put it down as an ingrown hair and sent me home with more tablets. Bearing in mind my abscess is the size of an orange with infected swelling and all, and they just sent me home. After that, I lost all confidence in that hospital, and I never wanted to go there again. After spending three days wallowing in the bath, my dad made me laugh so much that it ended up bursting! The relief was sudden but the draining took a few days and good God was there a lot of pus and blood! I felt sick but the smell was something else! I'm not sure if anyone else has had a sickening smell like rotting corpses after an abscess or cyst had burst, but mine sure did. It took a few weeks until I was properly better but I got there in the end.
Then I got another cyst in September and I took antibiotics and pain killers straight away and that soon went away, I'm not sure whether it burst or not, but it did go away within about a week and a half.
The same happened again in October, but antibiotics, pain killers and hot baths cleared it up.
That was when we decided enough was enough and went to see a consultant about having an operation to get rid of it. Anyway, she said that she couldn't operate unless there was something there because by the time we got to see her, it had completely cleared up and all she could feel was the scar tissue from my first abscess.
So, we waited for it to come back and it came back about two weeks ago as a tiny cyst the size of a pea and so mum rung the consultant to see what she could do. She worked in a private hospital but she was only there on Tuesdays and my cyst flared up, continently, on Saturday. So, mum rang her but she wasn't there for another two weeks! She was doing voluntary work somewhere, so, this is where my state of panic began, because I'm doing my GCSE's this year and I can't afford to miss any more school than I already have. So something needed to be done ASAP.
We ended up travelling 1 hour and a half away from where we live to get to the hospital that my Auntie works in because after getting misdiagnosed in my local hospital I never wanted to go there with any problems ever again! So, we got to the hospital at about 11am, and I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything which was horrible because I hadn't eaten since 8 o'clock the night before. I got prodded and poked by three different women so they knew what they were dealing with and because there was a LOT of swelling there, the surgeon wanted to leave it for a few days but I couldn't put up with this pain any longer. She realised that it would just be easier to operate that day instead of leaving it.
I got sent to the children's ward because I'm under the age of 16 at about 4:30pm.
I was lying in the bed for about 20 minutes before some women that I was speaking to about the operation came down and told me to get changed into the hospital gown because I was going into theatre. Got wheeled down there in my bed and put on a drip, which hurt like Hell, but not as much as the pain I was in with my mandarin size abscess, and I went to sleep. I woke up at about 5:15pm and was taken back to the children's ward. I noticed that I wasn't in as much pain as I was but I was in pain still, but a very different pain, more of a stinging than anything. I was kept in hospital until 9pm that night.

So, that's the story of my cysts and abscesses and my operation.
I'm just curious at how much longer it'll hurt?
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Jan 18, 2013