English is not my mother language so i hope you can understand me.. i'm 21 and i have also BC, since half year of 2012..it is big as marble or lollipop i think..but i started doing sit bath (hot water only ) yesterday because at first i ignored it thinking that it was nothing..for those years it becomes small, sometimes big and small that is why i'm not giving my fully attention to this but now it's big again :'( i'm still virgin and don't want to take operation because it really scares me a lot..I've tried to order witch hazel and calamine lotion in the pharmacy but they don't have it, saying that there are no such medicine like that here in Italy ( i'm from Philippines but living in Italy )..i only have tea tree oil..so i really don't know what to do.. neither Epsom salt can't find here.. please..i need some advice what should i do..my mother said that by this September we will go to have check up in Oby. Please reply.. thanks in advance. (is it posible to cure it using medicine or by force i have to do that operation?)
crisa21 crisa21
26-30, F
Aug 21, 2014