Im Scared

I have this now for almost two months and now I am going to see my OB for "excision" i dont know what or how that goes but Im scared. I do want this out and it really feels different having that small round tender cyst in your crotch when you walk around. It doesnt hurt but I want it out. I hope it doesnt hurt....

scaredy scaredy
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Sometimes they do it in an office or they send you to the hospital. It doesn't take long. I know I was extremely embarrased when I had mine. I felt like a freak. They still can't tell me what caused it. Hope everything goes well for you.

Ouch! I still dont understand how it started in the first place.... this is my first time and i feel really ashame of it. 2 more hours before i see my ob... i hope it doesnt come back anymore after this.... geez ill be going to the ob alone which makes me more scaredy... cant tell anyone .. well i told my bf but not everything.. cant even tell my parents about it... does it take long? do i have to be in an OR?

It might hurt for a minute but you'll feel a whole lot better once it's over. just be glad your cysts weren't like me. My cyst was the size of a baseball. Imagine trying to walk around like that!