A Sergeants View

The small arms fire can be heard all around.The whoosh of mortar fire,the anticipation, then the explosion.The field radio is full of chatter.Then the message we have all been fighting for!
"This is Sargent Bohaven,FIRST BATTALION-BRAVO BATTERY, transmitting in the clear.Stand by for situation report"
"We are attacking the front line of the Trolls.Wolf Battalion has engaged their western flank and is about to overrun! I have a visual on the enemys funeral fires.The smoke,is being observed  for miles!Have not confirmed proof of life on the hostages.Will advise.We have active reports of small unit fighting with Troll units that have fled their area of occupation.Search and engage teams are already on the ground.Trolls fighting to the death,what a joke.The snow has not let up,for three days, but our men are givin'em hell!So much for global warming.Standing by for any additional orders.Bohaven out"
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May 3, 2012