I own a one and a half-almost, year old Border Collie x Staffy x Heeker mix.
Ally was a rescue from the pound and an amazing character to watch develop. I met Ally as an 11 week old, playful and dominant female of the litter that was abandoned at my local pound. We originally went for an older dog because I think that they never get a fair chance. ( I love all animals) but the dog we wanted- hooch was a large, deaf and partly blind red Rotti mix who was adopted the day we went to get him ourselves. That's when I met again with Ally, the new one.
I was shocked to see her there still. A young energetic pup who I saw. The only one left. Broke my heart to see her there but what made it harder was her new temperament. She was so fearful and I couldn't leave her. I adopted her and she sticks like glue. She can't be to far from me or she freaks out and I believe she is led to believe she will be abandoned. I know that she hasn't learnt just yet- I won't do that to her. I love her to bits and even with the confidence she shows around my and the shyness towards other people, dogs, noises-everything, my heart will never let go of the dog I've fallen in love with and the personality that's in her.
SaruRukia SaruRukia
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Beautiful ! It is good to hear people who care about their dogs. A dog can be as great a friend as we can have.