Ugly Duckling

When the nurses brought my daughter to me ( she had to be under a light) I looked at her and waited for them to delliver some type of bad news. She had to be under a specail light and I just knew when I looked at her something was wrong. After a few minutes when the nurse did not deliver any bad news I asked her if my daughter was a specail needs child. She said "No she is beautiful". This was my third child and I love my children dearly but this baby was not beautiful. As she got a little older I saw her a my pretty baby. But she was really pale and she has this really round face with small eyes. My poor child had little hair. :-) By the time she reached 4 or 5 she got a little color. Her cheecks became a rose color ( I sometimes call her Rosy). Her hair grew out and was a bit curly. She is now 9 and is VERY beautiful. :-) She is pretty outside and she is a good kid too. My baby!!!!
Abriee Abriee
36-40, F
Sep 1, 2010