"i Have A Beautiful Daughter"

I had never imagined being a mum. But on the 27th of August at 2:15 AM I held my dearest sweet girl. It was overwhelming to see her little body that made me suffer labour pains for almost nine hours of pain & restlessness! Till now she's the source of my inner strength and happiness and I never Imagine a day in my life without her.

I love her and I adore her. I work so hard to give her all that she wants.I want to give her what my parents didn't afford to provide for me. A good life,education,health services,spiritual growth,happiness and a complete home where mum & dad are present. For my daughter I'll do anything because she's my sunshine.

I thank God because nine months down the line, my little Azaliah has never been hospitalised. Isn't that a blessing & a favour from the most high God? Though sometimes she gets flus,I know that's only normal due to the changes in weather but to be sincere,I get tortured to see her with even a little flu.

My daughter will always be my little girl even when she's grown up & gone from my house,she'll forever be my sweet little girl.

Omaweito Omaweito
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3 Responses May 29, 2012

What a sweet experience to share with us. Very sweet.

Thanks Sandra.My daughter is my source of strength

The joy that she brings you must be immense and I hope all goes well for you and hope to hear how you progress too.

Beautiful story :)

Congratulation. Best wishes for both of you and your beautiful daughter (ノ´ー`)ノ

thanks charming purple