We're So Different, But Our Hearts Beat For The Same Purpose

I am a person who will love everyone unconditionally.
everyone deserves to have someone there for them, although it hurts me to know none of them want to be there for me. people can't find the words to help me. they will just say, "I'm sorry," or "things will get better."
there's only one friend who doesn't tell me things will get better, he shows me. makes me smile.. cheers me up. talks to me, helps me. and even though we live two very different lives. we both have big hearts, him especially. I want to be by his side when he needs someone to talk to. I want to be by his side. Hes one in a million. people don't see how he really is because he hides it, and no one wants to get to know him well enough to realize how loving and gentle he is.. everyone sees him as some troublesome kid, got kicked out of school did drugs.. I don't see those things. I see the person hes trying to better himself to be. he makes me forget about the troubles I have in my life. one day I hope to be more than friends.. but for now..
hes my beautiful distraction..♥
Winniebear Winniebear
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

It's great to have a distraction and I know because I have gone through some rough times too but I have not only a boyfriend, but another guy friend too who are the most lovely, genuine, honest people out there and I am so grateful for them being there for me. You seem like a person who has sufferered a lot but I hope and pray you may se the light at the end of the tunnel soon xx