My Foolish Interpertations Of A Lying Eye

It always starts with a fresh face,a person to whom ive not yet met.A warm smile lures me in,a few funny jokes and im living in sin.Theres so much in common,we can talk all night.And then we romance,till dawns first early light.As time passes on, our passion still great,even though he has shown many moments of hate.Before i know it im caught in his game, the lying and torture it s always the same.So this is for you,my loves from my past,u can all go jerk off and kiss my big fat ***!This didnt start out so angry...,just frustrated and let down. So dont ask me why i wear this sad frown.Its true what they say "IM JUST THE TOWNS CLOWN"!
ub4me ub4me
41-45, F
Jan 7, 2013