My Niece Is the Most Beautiful Little Girl In the Whole Wide World!!!!!

And she's smart too!!!!  My niece just turned two years old on the 19th of July, and she got sooooo many presents.  I got her a toy veterinarian kit and she loves it!!!!  I also got her some princess shoes because she's always trying on people's shoes, and she seems to like them too!  My niece is the little girl in the logo picture for this group, since I created it.  The picture was taken at the beginning of this month, when my younger sister got married.  My little niece was the flower girl and did a terrific job:)  I'm out of work right now so me and my mom get to babysit her while my twin sister works full time.  It's really great.  She's learning new words every day.  You should hear her sing her ABC's!  Oh, she is perfect in every way!

Licorice Licorice
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1 Response Jul 25, 2007

She sounds like a bright little girl. It makes me happy that you got her the veterinary kit as well as the princess shoes, so she can be inspired to be a doctor as well as a princess ;-P I am still rooting for the little girls getting the building sets. I liked my building set as a kid :-)