So this was the second day of me starting high school and drama was AMAZING! We had to sit in front of the class and tell about ourselves I said hi my name's (insert name) and my favorite color is blue my parents are divorced and I want to be a psychiatrist when I'm older(and I mean WAY older I want to model first) and this is me so people were going on and on so THEN this one guy gets up and says: hi I'm (insert name) and im really shy wich is one of the reasons I wanted this class I also have a skin condition wich makes my face turn redder than normal when I'm embarrassed and (btw his friend went right before him) (insert name) is my best friend and he pushed me to join this class and is really outgoing and is an inspiration to me I aim to be like him(he then paused took and quick breath) and..I'm a homosexual I've never told anybody until now not even my parents know and this is of course we erupted into applause we were a class of about twenty but we went crazy!(⊙_⊙ ) we were almost I'm tears so of course the teacher is awesome!I LOVE him and I'M OF COURSE joining drama club! So that's my beautiful story! Btw this happened today
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Are you also a Lesbian?