My Gps Woes :(

So.....I typed in a restaurant search in to my GPS (which I love and could not live without btw). When the results came up I filtered them by type and then chose American. The first restaurant on the list was Tim Hortons. TIM HORTONS ???????   TIM F*CKING HORTONS????? Maybe I am just overly sensitive and loaded down with Canadian pride but Tim Hortons is a 100% Canadian institution  G*ddammit-lol  It is as Canadian as barbecuing in minus 30 degree weather. So, even though I really do love you people at Garmin for doing your part to try to keep me driving in the right direction, right here right now I am filing a formal complaint :P

I want a Canadian tab on the filter section-lol

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9 Responses Mar 15, 2009

haha okay will do

I'm liking the plan CaP'N.<br />
Goldie....ask Sugar what you've been missing. I had her hooked on their chocolate donuts on her first trip up here :)

I am the first target, eh? <br />
<br />
So be it. Let the bombardment begin.

What is Tim Horton's?

Border wars a brewing. <br />
<br />
*Runs from the Canucks*

I always saw that as our way to silently take over them Cap'n-lol Think about it....we defeat them one donut at a time.<br />
They won't even see it coming. Mwaaaahaaa<br />
<br />
Whether owned by Wendy's or not it (like hockey) will always be Canadian to me.


Especially not with your directions :P

You need a GPS that will drive for you.<br />
You couldn't find your way down a one way street.