Merlin The Bengal Kitty

For my 11th birthday, i got these pictures of a bengal kitty. I asked "Yay pictures!...?" My parents told me that it was my kitten. My brand new kitten was going to get in 2 weeks time. He is over 1 year old now and he is adorable! Check him out on facebook as Merlin The Bengal Kitty !!!!
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4 Responses May 22, 2012

Here's a link. It's from 2007, so he's not a kitten anymore :-)<br />
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EP Link

That's for sure! I have a story about mine in this group if you'd like to read it!

mine too :-)<br />
He's the most loving and loyal cat I've ever had. They are such a terrific breed, and so gorgeous!<br />
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We're so lucky to have one!

I checked him out and he's beautiful! He looks very much like my bengal. Mine is five years old now.