My 3 Year Old Beauty

After browsing breeder sites and other avenues for over a year, we finally got our Molly this past summer.  She had been intended as a queen and had lost her first litter, resulting in an emergency hysterectomy.  She charmed me immediately, with her cross-eyed little face.  At first we had some problems with her yowling all the time(especially at night) and diarrhea.  But soon we discovered her spay wasn't complete, so as soon as she had the surgery - again(by the original vet) - all of our issues cleared up.  She is now one of the most wonderful additions to our family ever!

Molly is extremely obedient for a cat.  If she is headed towards trouble I just have to say her name in a certain tone and she averts.  She is extra small (7lbs) for her breed and is fully glittered and has a clear coat with open rosettes.  Quite honestly the most beautiful cat I've ever seen!  She sleeps in the chair next to me when I'm on the computer and likes to climb into my lap when I'm playing video games.  She loves to play more than getting petted and this is why we got her a little brother this winter.  Zip came from the shelter and is 4 1/2 months old.  Molly loves him to pieces, and often tries to clean him while he's batting at her like a teenager.  It's pretty hilarious when she puts him in his place because she's so gentle - only applying enough force to make him relent(as if, she's better than that!).  She is by far the most intelligent animal I've ever been around.  Being owned by a Bengal is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.  I'm glad to share it with others.

bengalkitty bengalkitty
Feb 26, 2009