I Was Saved By My Bengal Cat

When I was in middle high school, life was hell to me. I had severe problems in school that made me really down. I even thought of killing myself. I skipped school days and stayed in my bedroom for hours because I didn't want to meet my parents. I knew they would reprimand me. Basically, I've really lost interest in life and in humankind.

Then my cousin brought me a 2-month old mixed Bengal cat. That cat was the cutest among all the kittens she had. As soon as I put it on my lap, it fell asleep. I've owned a cat before, but it never sleep on my lap. 

I needed two weeks to fully adapt with it, and it with me. But it really made my days from hell to heaven. I loved when it woke me up by biting playfully on my cheek or lied on my chest and purred. The mornings that used to be torturing became the best moments I've had in my life. My cat, Uya was really an angel that saved me. It helped me through the hardest times.

Then around three years after it arrived in my house, my grandpa died. I had to take the airplane to my dad's hometown (it's in another island). I only left for five days, then I went back home. I still met Uya for one day, but after that, I never saw it again. I have no idea where it went, but it seems that there was a capturing of animals in the neighborhood. Even my dog and my neighbor's, who wore collars, were gone. Fortunately my dog was found (with the collar taken off), but not my neighbor's dog and not my cat. I missed Uya since, but it never went back home. Everytime I saw a striped-white cat, I would try to call it by Uya's name, even though I knew it wasn't Uya. I just wished that the cat would turn around and turned out to be Uya, even until now, two years since it's gone.

I don't really believe in miracles, but if God really exists, I think He has sent me an angel just to help me through the hardest times. I still thank Him for sending one to me. 

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3 Responses Nov 3, 2009

these cats are amazing. im so sorry that Uya is lost but hopefully Uya is safe with someone else or having a good time being a wild kitty :) i just got a bengal recently after my boyfriend went off to army basic training. and this cat is the one thing that makes me happy without him nothing has been really working out in my favor and i miss my boyfriend so much but my kitten helps me so much.

I'm so glad you found something to get you through that difficult time!<br />
<br />
Have a good day!

Oh that's sad, I love bengal cats. Well, just remember the good times:)