And she beat me to this story

Crafty lady


I came here not trusting or knowing anyone, I didn't get involved at the start with comments and stories and the like.  I didn't trully get the gist of the place, but wanted to, but had never been capable before of being anywhere for any length of time.

My humour can be taken the wrong way at times, I don't trust many people, particularly women, and so many people just do not get me, but she did instantly.  I trust her, I love her, she makes me laugh and no matter how down i am, she gets me laughing and giggling.  She has a wonderful wit and sense of banter and is beautiful inside out. 

She stands up for those she loves passionately and is passionate about so many things that are close to her heart.  I stalk her knowing that in stalking her around here, I am safe, as though in the playground with my best friend as a child, as she is the first real female best friend I have ever known.

She is as eccentric as me in things that other people never have got, shocking me instantly when she got how I must be in the right mood before I read the first page of a new book.


Thank you for being you and here for me, For reaching out and touching me in so many ways


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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

Yep, she's another of the good ones here.