She's Already There Before My Girl..

I have a 2nd degree cousin that is very close to me. She's actually my best friend. Our friendship started back in grade school when she invited me to attend to her birthday party. We officially became best of friends when we were in high school. I know shes true to me and i can be just as true to her as well. I remember one time when i got bullied by my classmate and she came to my rescue and pushed the guy away and cried in front of me telling me how can i be so wimpy, she just wanted me to be strong. There were many instances that i can prove to myself that she really cares for me. I know almost everything about her. I make sure to it not to miss every important events in her life, from her wedding day to the christening of her two adorable kids. I'm actually a godfather to both. Now, we are moving on with our lives separately but we always keep in touch with each other. I cant wait for the day to come when we can meet again and share some fondest memories from the past.
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You have love. What do you really miss?

Having a romantic relationship. been single for like forever..:(

Then what about it you challenge yourself to make the next random girl you see smile.

i can do that but not in this place where i currently live. I still have 4 more months to go before i can go back to my home country.

Then you have a good excuse to practice online first.

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