He's Like My Brother :)

You know when you meet someone and you just feel an instant connection to them. That's how i met my best friend  He's this handsome, immature, playful guy in my class i met in my first year at college. We connected instantly and he's been my best friend for the last 4 years. People have asked us both if we loved each other like a boyfriend-girlfriend. It would have definitely happened so if we hadn't felt a brotherly-sisterly feeling when we first met. Ofcourse we both do whine about not spending enough time together because we both are currently in relationships and they are the priority then. Still we find time for each other. It's like he's the same person as me, except for the gender. We love the same things, share the same interests, laugh at the same jokes. It's a great feeling. Seasons may change and years may pass but he'll forever be my best friend
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I've always hated hearing the you are like my brother
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That is so amazing, I wish I has someone like that in my life. I have plenty of friends but no one I can say something this amazing about. You are really lucky!

I know I am. :) You will find yours soon, I'm sure hun <3. These are just random gifts life hands out to us when we're least expecting. So be on the look out for yours!

We normally say common thinking make life complete and peaceful but i have different opinions. We give power to others to make or feel good or bad and their intentions and priorities sets our way to our happiness relating to them. so what i wanna exactly say right now is that we must be very selective to give someone title such very close friend or pal and if we do so we must protect that relation above all it produce beauty or ugly in near future. nothing else.

You are right. Such a relation can survive only if we give enough care and put enough work into it.

Thank You for this delightfully uplifting desc<x>ription of your relationship with your best friend, frootie. It's great that you guys have such a close and caring bond between you.<br />
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The only point with which I take issue is your suggestion that boyfriend / girlfriend relationships should take priority over that of best friends. With all due respect to your current relationships, it is unlikely, at your ages, that You have met your future life-partners, so your current partners could be among the "seasons" that may pass, while your relationship with your best friend endures.<br />
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Keep up the great writing!

But there is always the minor chance that he could be my future life-partner, right? Wouldn't want to pass up that chance ;). Thanks, i hope to attain the level of all the great writers i have found in EP someday.

People always assume my best friend and I are dating. they even include us in their date nights. :P. We've basically just accepted the fact that no one understands our relationship and never will. I totally understand the whole not having enough time for each other thing, especially because I'm at college and he's at home with our other friends. so its hard to coordinate when to hang out between friends, parents, and significant others. its sucks but he's still my best friends whether I see him all the time or not.

yeah the same happens to me too! I can totally relate to this :)

u both hve same level of thinking.....make him as a partner to make it ever lasting....

lol no :D we have never felt anything that way..

awww thats really sweet..god bless u both:)))

true :) we are indeed lucky to have someone like this in our lives.

That's wonderful! I am glad that you have someone so rad in your life! I too have a best friend like that. We're basically the same person, finish each others sentences, like the same things, and have such a deep love for each other that many people don't understand. Wish everyone could experience such deep friendships :)