Chelsea. I Love Her.

imma frashman in highschool and shes a junior. shes a beautiful blonde, energetic, she talks alot, which is cool cause shes super easy to talk to. ive been made fun of my whole lif but she knows just when to be sarcastic and when to be serious. we spend as much time as possible together. just dance on the wii, movies, highschool football games, everything. she gets me. i get her. i get all kinds of crap from my friends about her, u kiss her yet? when ya gunna **** her? u know, usual immature freshman crap. i do love her, just not like that. just tonight we talked for quite awhile about some serious stuff that had gone down a few weeks ago. i love her with all my heart, someday i hope she and i can run away together and start fresh. hopefully...
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18-21, M
1 Response Jan 5, 2012


ya think so? weve got more **** to get through, were doing it together though and i couldnt ask for someone better to get through it with. :)