Why Are Girls So Confusing

i have a friend thats a girl and im not sure if she likes me or not were friends and well weve been friends for 2 weeks but i think she may liek me either as a friend or so,ething else. Shes casual in front of me not weird or anything i thinkthat mean she thinks of me as a friend but also in math class she behind me and she pokes me with her pencil alot and kicks my backpack not meanly but kinda like friendly . She introduced to two of her friends both girls. She talked about herself a little. By the way im 12 and shes 12 and a half were in the same grade.

This is were i really need help im shy with girls and i need to know what girls like in guys(by the way all my bros out there sorry but i need a girls opinion here). I look physically fit im 120 pounds 5 foot 4 i have dark red hair and freckles a facial expression when my face is plain that says i can take whatever you throw at me.. With my attitude i give off like a guy that likes to have fun with a decent amount of attitude and a part of me thats genrally very concerned for people.

.All i want to know is how would i show confidence. What are girls interested in. From this description does she sound like she likes me. And what about the description of me would you think my personality would be
nico79 nico79
18-21, M
Sep 21, 2012