Guy Friends Are Awesome

Iv known this guy for eight of the fourteen years Iv been on this planet. When me and him first met it was in elementary school so we introduced the parents and they recognized each other from middle school. They had been best friends at one time but got separated when high school started because they went to different schools, so our parents(moms) got along wonderfully. (I believe secretly they want us to date)As time went on I didn't spend too much time with him cus he was just a friend...a distant friend.Eventually in 7th grade we gradually got a little closer and by 8th grade we were inseparable and we always hung out at school and had so many inside jokes. He was my best friend. 8th grade summer my boyfriend had broken up with me so being my best friend he took me to the mall and helped me cheer up and get over my boyfriend. So after that we hung out at the mall several times and even went to the fair together this past summer.Now we are in 9th grade together and still just as close. Whenever people meet us they think we are dating and people have thought that for years.I can hear his thoughts and he can hear mine. We know what each other is thinking.He stays on my case about grades and he keeps me on my feet. He is my rock.I say this for personal reasons. I love him to death and I will never have a friend as amazing as he is. Guy friends are and always will be the best.
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I totally agree! HIgh school gets messy and filled with drama and friendships get tested. KEEP HIM, no matter what. I lost my best guy friend my junior year of high school. We had known each other since 8th grade but had only been really close for about 1-2 years but we told each other secrets that no one else knew about us. I really missed him for years. We recently reconnected but its definitely not the same, close but not. Anyways, what I'm getting at is you are very lucky and sometimes stuff happens but always find a way to work it out.

Yes high school is crazy but we have managed to stay best friends since we started.Im definitely keeping him!!lol Im sorry to hear that you and your guy friend got lost but glad to hear you guys reconnected. Im sorry its not the same but I bet you will meet another guy and he will be best guy friend material ha ha. Im so thankful for him...and for people like you who understand that guys can just be friends :)

:) thanks. And yes guys can just be friends. I've done that many times. Most of my friends growing up were guys. But that me and one particular guy and one other close guy friend ended up having a more intimate relationship. But I will tell you this, those 2 relationships with those guys were the best and most fullfilling than the ones I had without being great friends first.