I Know Her Since 1999

It may not seem like much, but it is when you take into account the fact that I am 16 years old. We met when we were 3 years old, in kindergarten. I am very shy when making friends, so most of the friends I have are from that time, but I only talk to them occasionally since they are in different classes or schools. At first, she was not not my best friend, and we only really started being friends in 2002/2003, when we went to the same school, along with some other kids from the same kindergarten. Until 2006, I had basically 5 friends, including her. When I changed school in 2006, one of my "friends" went to the mainland (I live in an island). I'm glad he went there, because I now realize that I actually hated him. He was a traitor and a liar, and he was very annoying to me and sometimes made fun of me. He tried to maintain contact with me, but I ignored him, and I don't regret it. I kept two of my oldest friends in the new school, along with two others that were from my previous class in primary school (until 2006). I made two new friends: one in 2006, and one in 2008. The one I met in 2006 moved to another island and I never saw him again. When I changed to my current school, in 2008, I kept my two oldest friends and the one I met in 2008. Some of the people that were in kindergarten with me, and that I had never seen again, went to my class, but I didn't get along with them (nor was I their enemy). From that time until early 2011, I can't say I had a best friend, I maintained the three friends I was with. One of the friends I also knew since 1999, and he was a funny person, but he was sometimes rude and incompetent. The other two were my current best friend and the friend I had known in early 2008. In early 2011, things started to change a bit, maybe then I think I could consider her as my best friend, since it was around that time that we started becoming closer (we already were already close, however): we started texting each other about school related things. In 2011, my other 1999 friend went to another school because he chose a different area. I remained in the same class with my 2008 and my best friend until now. We have become increasingly closer since then, and now she's the person I talk to the most, and not only about school. We sometimes study together and we walk together after school when we're going home. I am not as close to my 2008 friend as I once was, but he's still my friend. I occasionally talk to my other 1999 friend that went to another school in 2011. Things probably wont change much until 2014, but then we will almost certainly go to different universities. I hope I can at least keep in touch with her for some years, because it is very hard for me to make friends, which means that I will probably be alone for quite some years after 2014. I hope we can still be friends even after we have finished our university degrees...
miraedocommunistPortugal miraedocommunistPortugal
18-21, M
Dec 15, 2012