When I was little I'd hang around my brother and his neighborhood friends all the time, so I developed this... dominant masculine side. I didn't pay attention to my appearance, I had a disturbingly low voice, and I had a boyish sense of humor. Over time I began to pick up my girlish side, but I got along with only a few girls. Last year I met Jake in LAC class. He looked like a troublemaker and had dark skin and was popular; at that time I was really quiet and kind of cranky. But for some reason he never gave up on trying to reach out to me. Every day he'd come up to me and treat me like any of his guy friends, and eventually I found my inner "guy" again. We joked around a lot, we texted each other a lot and I think we became best friends because I wasn't flirtatious, and I'm still somewhat quiet, but I have a clownish side that Jake helped bring out. Now we do track and field together and more people see us hanging around and see it as "unusual." Jake's popular and I'm sarcastic and mysterious to strangers so it's weird how we seem like opposites, but we're close anyway. We never go through any drama like any of my girl friends could, and he's been at my side all the time right from the beginning.
AshAsh21 AshAsh21
13-15, F
Jan 7, 2013