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One Friend, Two Husbands

My friend didn't like my Ex. She doesn't visit my house any more due to not liking the current. I always thought it was jealousy on her part. That when I dated, married, and then had a family this took me away from spending all my time hanging out with her. That might have been a part of the problem. But I think I underestimated her deeper ability to assess people. I think I shoulda paid closer attention. LOL
emerald emerald 36-40, F 1 Response Oct 4, 2011

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Dear Emerald,<br />
After college, as years passed, i saw that none of my friends in college were calling, so i started calling them to keep in touch. For the last 30 years, it has been me calling them to stay in touch. So I say you need to reach out and stay in touch with your friend. Perhaps you can take a ladies night out so your friend does not have to see your husband. Just because she does not like your new husband, doesn't mean you can't be friends. Just find stuff to do, without hubbies. Sounds like she is just missing you, perhaps she had hoped to have you all to her self.<br />
Keep on keeping on.<br />
sincerely,<br />

I've been away from school along time, I still have a few high school friends but no friends from college.