Gee... Gay

Oh yes I'm a *** hag.... 99% of my friends are gay. Now, you might be wondering if I am gay. Ammm, maybe in my thoughts I am.... I love everything gay, too blunt, too critic-y and too festive. The best advice I always get come from my gay men friends. They add 50% humor to every story I consult them with. It's always amazing too how they could be totally supportive regarding love situations. They have saved me from committing something that I would for sure hate once I'm done with drama. 

Just sharing this coz I really miss my best friend Geejay. He witnessed how lost I was after the most unfortunate case in my life happened last year.

jollyrancheroooh jollyrancheroooh
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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

They can be very friendly and pleasant. Some are absolute freaks, but not all.