My Bestest In The World

I have eight best friends in this world and five of them are part of Experience Project as well (actually six but I will not mention one of them here).

Silver01ta- More really than a best friend, I consider him to be my family. He was there for me when no one else in my life cared whether I was alive or dead. We have spent nights together as he helped me though the trials of life. I love this man deeply and he will always be a piece of my heart and very active part of my life. As long as airplanes still fly or there are roads for us to travel back and forth between our homes we will be part of one another's life. 

Jimfinsav- Again he is much more than simply my best friend; he is the person I turn to when I need to share my most trying days. He is a compass in my life and leads me through generally without any hurt. He owns a very large piece of my heart and no matter what happens I always want him to be part of my life. :)  He is simply an amazing man with a huge heart, compassion for those he loves, and very protective of me. I love it!

HistoryGent- What can I say about this man that he doesn't already know? He is one of the best friends I have ever had. He pushes me to go out there and achieve whatever it is I want in life. I love to talk to him because I know that he is going to make sense of stuff for me. He is one of the most intelligent men I know and I lean on him often. He is amazing. 

Snowbunny1002- I have been friends with Snowbunny for the least amount of time of all my best friends but we have quickly come to mean a lot to each other. I depend on her advice and I truly think that she appreciates my attitude about friendship. She is truly a wonderful woman, very independent with a great forgiving and compassionate attitude. I am very lucky to have this woman in my life and I don't just consider her my friend; she is my sister.  I love this woman so much and would do anything for her. 

Bluebie- Don't think that just because I mention her last in this post that she is the least of these because it is quite the opposite. We have shared so much together over the last years: break ups, divorces, deaths, layoffs, brushes with the law (lol no tickets for me thank God), children, disappointments, and a hell of a lot of triumphs.  Each one of these items have been a catalyst for us to become closer in our relationship. I love this woman and I consider her my bestest. 

I have nothing but respect for each of these people and I am blessed to have them in my life. Thank you all for always being there for me when I need it. and sometimes being there when in all honesty I just want to hide from the world. I love each of you in a very unique way and you all combine to make me a much better person than I would be without you in my life. ((hugs to you all.)

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Awww thanks Bunny.<br />
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Smugs, You are my favorite fur collar. ((giggles))

Smug don't forget SMUG!

FG- we have nothing but love and respect for you my friend. You have shown me many things about friendship and what it truly means. I can honestly say I am amazed at the love and support you have for your family and friends at any hour of the day or night!