My Bestfriend Likes My Ex.

Well , my bestfriend just told me she liked my ex that i dated for 9 months and said i would always have feelings for. Im 15 years old btw. this girl has been my bestfriend since we were 9. I knew something was going on between her and my ex just by the fb posts and there videochat sessions my other friend told me about. so she told me she liked him the moment she saw him.. she said she hated seeing us kiss and everything. she said she liked him so much he killed her inside, problem is i will always have feeling for him . she told me she told him she liked him. he said he didnt feel the same way, but knowing if they continue talking as friends he'll start likeing her. i told her the **** she was telling me mad me sick to my stomach and i had to go to bed but i cant fall asleep with this **** on my mind. i need advice what to do with everything please help me
casiann casiann
13-15, F
May 6, 2012