My Best Friend Is My Cousin.

Emin, on my friends list (my only friend, currently) is my best friend. I met her just before we started year 12 at her nan's (my great-aunt's) funeral. Her mum and my dad are cousins, so we're 2nd cousins.

We saw each other at the family reunions from that point on (our families hadn't lost contact over the years but hadn't met up in ages) and got to know each other.

It was nearing my 18th and at the Nov reunion, I invited to her to my party. We're now part of the same friend group and have become best friends. It's great because we feel both a strong friendship and family bond.

I'm also best friends with a boy 2 years younger than me in school (who loves reminding me how much taller than me he is), a boy 1 year younger than me (the 3 of us hang around together at break) and a few others (my friend group are obv. close friends, and that inc.s my boy friend) but Min is my overall best friend.

I used to have a different girl best friend, but she's turned a bit too chavy for my tastes and we've sort of grown apart. We still talk, but we're not as close. I wouldn't confide in her really anymore. I talk to Emin about my personal stuff.


Love you Emin x

Jennir Jennir
1 Response Mar 23, 2008

I have a best friend that is cousin too! We live in different countries but we still love each other. She's coming to my country and we're going to shop! Yeah!