Practically My Sister.

It was last Friday everything went haywire,i don't ember much a guy called me stupid for like the hundredth time next thing i knew i was on the ground crying shaking and screaming.It wasn't that the guy called me stupid it was everything was pilling up at once,she hoped down and held me as i cried she made all the teachers leave us alone,we just sat there alone,it was P.E. and everyone one else was playing kickball but she just sat there with me.We didn't need to talk she understood me without words.When school was out we went to the bus for our sleep over,we had one every weekend,we sat on the bus and she held my hand.To explain how close we are its hard but i guess its like where the straight version of dating.At her sleep over we just talked,i could tell her anything,we talked about how I used to and wish i still could dress as a boy and be identified as such.We fell asleep cudleing it was perfect.She is my best friend forever and ever.
samforever samforever
13-15, F
Dec 11, 2012