Friend and Sister

I can't believe I have never mentioned my bestest friend in the world. D and I have been friends since I was 12. We both moved into the same neighborhood at the same time and although she was a year younger we hit it off. Now the whole time we haven't lived in a bed of roses but who does. Most of the issues were during and right after high school but we've always come back to one another. She was my maid of honor as I was hers. We have different lives now as I work full-time, single mother of three and not at all into religions. She is pregnant with her fifth... all home schooled and in a Catholic co-op and she's happily married. We are total opposites like a plug and socket but together we make a perfect fit. It's been about 24 yrs now and I can honestly say that it will never end. Thank you D for everything!
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What a wonderful thing to have!! I'm glad for you both!

what a great friendship.