My Best Friend

I met my best friend Mike for the first time when I was 18. He was 19 and dating my female friend. One evening she invited me over to run into town with them for an M&M Sonic blast (Ice Cream) . When I first met Mike I felt the need to be a smart *** to him. He was a clean cut gentleman with a good job and a nice car. He was really smart and had alot going for him. The funniest part about him to me was that he was a smartass too; with quick wit. I saw him as a challenge. We cut each other up almost non stop the first day we met, so much so that we were laughing so hard that we wanted to cry. Later that day he bought us ice cream at Sonic and I never saw him again until months later when he and my friend had both split ways. In fact he found me as I was walking in front of his convertible at McDonald's one summer. We exchanged number and he called me. During our first conversations I was more or less the middle wo-man between him and my friend who he had split with. That soon died down and our friendship took on a solid foundation of it's own. He would call me from his work 4 to 5 times a day and we would go to movies or take a walk in the cemetery in town during the day. His grandmother was buried there and he enjoyed being close to her in that way sometimes, so I supported it. Every moment we spent together was always based on endless laughs by us cracking smart *** funny comments about life's experiences. We did not hold back what so ever either. At the time I was in love with my first kid's dad and I lived with my mother out of my own choice. I became pregnant with my first son and Mike would check on me always to make sure that I was okay. We spent alot of time together. It didn't seem so at the time but when I look back on it we practically were inseparable. An unforgettable night we spent together was at Cocino De Mino, a Mexican restaurant. Just the two of us friends enjoying the evening together laughing as everyone around us was wondering "What the hell?" lol. Mike was even there the day my first son was born. He bought me a card that played music and had his voice on it. It was an expensive card at the time and it has sentimental value to me. I saw Mike only as my funny best friend and I couldn't see past that because I was so in love with my kids dad at the time but soon Mike developed strong feeling for me and I soon told him how I really felt. When it happened though, it was directed to my other female friend who had the speaker phone on in his presents and I was not aware of that. I was tricked, and my words cut threw him and devastated him. He wouldn't forgive me. I made three attempts by approaching him and telling him that truly was sorry and he would then say that he forgave me but I could still see the hurt in his eyes and I would hear later some negative comment that he would say about me. So I knew it was pointless and I threw in the towel and walked away from it. I would hear of his presents when he would visit the places that my mom worked at asking about me. First it was weekly and then every few months or so. The last time that I heard from him was he when he told me that he was getting married to a woman that he met and we lost each other after that. Then a week ago after 15 years he found me on Facebook. I don't know how either because my last name is crazy hard and I know that he could not have remembered it. But I guess he saved it. Idk. He forgives me now with open arms and he has thought about me all these years. We spent a New Year's Eve together when I was 19 and ever since then EVERY New Years he has had  thoughts about me. special is that? He moved to another state and he now loves men not women. I kind of saw that coming years ago and I think that's why I had so much fun playing with him because he was opened minded to things and he did not judge. He is once again back in the number one spot and I won't let anything or anyone ruin that. He is no threat to any future relationship that I might have and I love him deeply as I friend. I have missed him all these years and it reminds of me of the awareness that  people come into your lives at the right time to help you or to lift you up. I am really happy.

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I know. I love him deeply as if he was my best female friend. I prefer it this way because I know that he is not sexual attracted to me and he loves me unconditionally. I have raped twice and abused my whole life and it feels good to have someone to talk to about those things actually understand me. I do wish I had a straight male to share that with. One day, ya know?