I've never really had a best friend. I've had many great friends through out the years, but never a best friend to confide in. I was always to shy and closed up to open up to anyone. I never really believed that meeting someone that you've never met could be a best friend, or for that fact, change you life. Maybe changing my life seems so cheesy, but he definitely made it easier for me to live with myself. I only hope to meet someone as wonderful and loving as him. I feel weird calling him my best friend, because I've never really had one, a true best friend. I'm not sure that's what he is to me yet. I'll know when it happens, seeing as I've never had one before. College in california was always on my list, but now it's the deal breaker. I want to go there, not because I'm dying to go to the school, but I'm dying to have a close, great friend like Marcus, that has multitudes of interests in common with me, or just even our harsh past . Hopefully I don't develop a crush on him. I wouldn't ever tell him if I did, he has a girlfriend he loves. Plus, I'm nothing special. He's gorgeous and well I'm not. :]
It wasn't as hard to tell him my past as I thought it was. He didn't make me feel awful and I loved that. I'm contemplating sharing my background with EP. So let me know if I should, I don't want to be judged. My family already hates me enough. I don't need strangers hating me too.
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