I Have a Red One, a Blue One, and a Blonde One

 I actually didn't think fish had feelings.  So for the first week I treated my first ones (the red one and the blue one) like crap.  When it was tim to change their water, I'd just grab them by hand and put them in a cup with a few centimeters of water in it and leave them their until i was finished with the water change.  Then I was doing some Betta Fish research and found out that Betta fish weren't just mindless fish who couldn't remember anything.  I thought they were just decoration and not actual pets.  But in fact, Betta fish have been known to have excellent memory.  Then I noticed that my fish would go berzerk at the sight of my hand or fingers.  They'd just flail everywhere, because they'd think I was going to grab them and nearly suffocate them.  I vowed to do better.  And I have.  They are still a little antsy around my but they'll eat out of my hands now.  I also got a blonde one with blue eyes (it's so pretty and...my favorite -_-) and THIS TIME I treated it right from the get go.  I spoiled it with blood worms and was very gentle during the water changing process.  Now, It'll swim right up to my fingers.  It'll rub itself against my fingers too (like a cat) and it nibbles at the tip when it's hungry.  Ohhhh I love it so much.  The other two are not nearly as trusting (understandably).

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2 Responses Jun 1, 2008

I didn't know Betas rubbed themselves against you! GAH nor did I know you could hand feed them! However I did know they are smart and recognize your face after time and I love my beta he is red his name is Torch =)

i'm glad you understand how great they are, now. :) as a general rule of thumb, just treat everything that's alive with respect.