Please Help!

I have a Halfmoon Betta fish with fin rot. I detected it a few days after i bought it and googled how to cure. Three days ago, I went to an aquarium shop and they gave me a fin rot treatment. They asked me to place the betta in a hospital tank with the treament everyday for two hours. Last night, I missed the third treatment as I was exhausted from work and dosed off. Completely forgot! This morning as I greeted my Beta, his fin rot got worse!!!! So I immediately made his hospital tank and placed him in. I wonder if the medicine is still going to work after skipping around 12 hours from the regular timing of dosage. Please help me. thank you.
mcmgutierrez mcmgutierrez
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Hi. Please don't skip treatments from now on. If you have some time to do the following, please do it. If you really like your fish, please sit by the glass and talk to him. Put your hands on the walls and tell him you want him to stay and be your pet. When you do that, do it sincerely, from your heart. If you have never done anything like that, don't worry, just do it and you'll really succeed. That's the best you can do in addition to giving the medicine. Good luck to you

Thanks for your advice. =)