I'm Confused!

Been married to my wife for over 15 years. She's always been able to appreciate the female form. In the last 24 months she's become much more vocal and obvious about liking to "look at other women." She also became almost obcessed with lap dances for her. The first time was actually embarrasing for me because she was pretty drunk and didn't have to follow the rules for a guy; She had her hands ALL over the girl and we were out with some new friends. I guess the problem is that I've always been fairly conservative when it comes to sex. I don't know how to react/respond to the situation since she's made it clear that she's "Very curious.". The bottom line is that I'm intimidated by the situation and not sure if I can having an openly bi spouse.
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Hey how r u to , listen hun dont be confused ok i look at other women also female body is so sexy dont get me wrong i do have a men of my own and i love him to death, but at the same i love getting lap dances from females we even go to a ***** clubs and me and my men get a lap dance from a female i see and like, so there is nothing wrong with that maybe you should take your lady to ***** club and buy her a dance and you will get one also now this is what i'm talking about live and let live, sex is sex and love is love.

well u r not alone i took my wife to a ***** club few weeks ago that was her first time she wanted to see what really goes on in there so i did, first she looked around and we watched few girls dancing she didnt really like the girls because my wife is classy girl with high taste in life, so i asked her to let me know which one she likes so she finally saw a good looking sexy girl that was dancin gon stage so i asked her she said she like her, so after wards the girl came around talked to us and we decided to get a lap dance from her, so she got her first lap dance from a sexy girl, and we took of and went home, and she wants to go to another ***** club also but she told me to look for another one and read the reviews.

My wife, too, has recently become curious about sex with another female. She has talked to me about and kind of wants to pursue it, but she is afraid it may ruin our marriage. We have also discussed having a ********* as well, so I can enjoy the experience with her.

My wife has become more open to exploring her sexuality too. I haven't had a lap dance for her yet but plan on it soon. I think a lot of women are curious and many of them become more comfortable with the idea as they mature and become more comfortable with their sexuality and bodies. I have always been more open sexually then my wife, who was pretty inexperienced when we met. <br />
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Is this something you are unsure about exploring (or letting her explore) or was it just because it was in front of 'new' friends?

do it let her get a lap dance my husband took me to a ***** club and i enjoyed it we r going back again these weekend and he got one also with the same girl i loved it