Well, Girlfriend Actually...

At last, after years of searching and false hopes, I have found a lady who is openly bisexual. She says she's only snogged  a few women and kissed and fondled a few women's breasts so far, but she really wants to take it further and I'll do anything I can to help her make her dreams come true. She is very keen on the fact that I am bisexual; she says she'd love to see me sucking **** - I'm sure that dream will come true, too!

Anyway, she will become my wife in the autumn.

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

Oh, I'm well aware of that. I did have an openly bi wife, over 25 years ago, who eventually left me for another woman. It's a risk you have to take. But my girlfriend could be equally concerned that I might find another guy preferable. I know that won't happen, because as much as I like sex with guys I don't want a relationship with one and never have done, but she can't no that, not completely for sure. So it's a mutual trust thing. <br />
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I think we've both lived enough of life to truly appreciate what we've found - a kindred sexual spirit.