19 Years To Figure It Out

My wife and I have been together 19 years.  While we have a very good sex life, I never thought she had any  Bi-tendencies.  We have always watched a little ****, had a couple of **** magazines laying around, had a respectable sex toy collection, but hadn't really done anything too wild.  Our kids are late teenagers, and pretty self sufficient.  We have had more time to socialize and spend together in the last few years.

Last year we started hanging out with some new friends which included a couple of Bi women, and one lesbian.  We are a hugging kissing group and we have all become fast friends.  On New Years Eve, we had a good party at a friends house.  We started early, all got tanked.  You can probably see where this is going....

One of the Bi  women asked my wife for a kiss.  She obliged with a quick kiss on the lips.  She grabbed my wife and said that wasnt enough, and an episode of tongue kissing ensued.  I played it cool (at least thats how I remember it).  The party went on until about 4, and I lost track of my wife.  Someone told me she was in the living room with our lesbian friend making out.  It was the most sexually charged evening in many years.  I was totally overcome by excitement, fear, and lust.

I passed out, and when I woke up in the morning went looking for my wife.  She was asleep on the couch fully dressed in her dress and stockings, so it was apparent that she had stopped at some point short of full sex.

We had a great conversation about it.  She admitted to me that she has always found women attractive but was ashamed to admit it.  She told me that it was awkward for her to watch **** with me, because she was afraid I would see her react to something between two women.  I was absolutely floored.  I thought that I knew her well.  We have beaten the odds and stayed married all these years.  We like each other.  And I was blind to this side of her...amazing.

She has come close, but has not had sex with a woman yet.  She wants me to be there when she does, and I think it will be awesome when it happens.  In the mean time, we are like 18 year olds in the bedroom.  This has totally rejuvenated our sex lives.  Last night we talked about going to a gentelmens club, and getting her a lap dance.  She was so excited about the possibility, she can hardly wait.

The lesson of this story is that you should never get complacent thinking you know someone, just because you have spent a couple of decades with them.  And if you can be progressive enough to not be tied down to the Judeo-Christian ownership model that the call "marriage", you have a wonderful opportunity to grow with your partner and learn to really enjoy them and keep feeling youthful and happy.

Im really a very lucky guy.


erniefairbanks erniefairbanks
41-45, M
Mar 5, 2010